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Axca Christmas Party

Posted on Wed Feb 20th, 2019 @ 2:56pm by Lieutenant Commander Tyhr Th'rhaatress & Commander Giles Price & Lieutenant Commander Dessa McCallum & Lieutenant Commander Sotaak & Lieutenant Commander Alec Wakefield & Lieutenant Ulle Kesas & Lieutenant Yid Seeyak & Ensign Aina Kasumi

Mission: Getting underway
Location: Mess Hall
Timeline: Prior to launch

Giles had seen many people walking around with decorations and various items for a party or some kind of one and decided to return to his quarters and smarten up for whatever party this was. He returned to his quarters and pulled the dress uniform from the wardrobe and tidied it up polished the shoes and put it on. He went into the bathroom and tided himself up and looked in the mirror before leaving for one final check. Price exited his room and made for the nearest turbolift to find this party.

Aina was excited about the party. She had put on her dress uniform and was now checking on the standard security detail she had arranged earlier today. She was talking to her second hand man Ensign Kadir. "I want one officer posted at each exit, and two going over the mess hall. And two in the security office and 2 as back up."

"Understood!" the ensign replied.

Sotaak walked in to the mess hall and stood behind the caitian. She turned around and hit her chest a bit startled. "Commander, don't sneak up on me like that," She said.

"My apologies, Lieutenant," Sotaak said calmly. "Is everything set?" He asked.

"Yes, sir," Aina replied. "Security is ready, the mess hall is decorated. The catering is done. I heard there is a buffet. I am going to check if they have fish, and if not chicken, which is my second favorite."

Sotaak nodded. "Thank you, Lieutenant, for that information I didn't ask for."

Aina grinned and walked to the buffet to check it out.

Seeyak was not thrilled by the prospect of a party. He'd been working up the schedule for engine testing, as discussed with the captain, and was almost finished. He also had a gaggle of young engineers who seemed to need constant supervision. Still, he wanted to try to reach our more to the crew of the Axca than he had on the Fearless. So he'd made himself put on the dress uniform and march to the mess hall. He eyed the security outside, wondering what kind of party this was going to be. The door whisked open at his approach and Seeyak wandered in, taking in the decorations and the food. Food was good. He headed towards the buffet.

Ulle had thought about putting on her dress uniform. And then decided against it, she was not on duty, and it was not required. So instead she did what she always did, reading. Research and then replicating... Picking to replicate a sweater with a decorated earth tree on it, something to do with a ancient festival called "The Yule" Not totally unlike the Trill Equinox festival. Only Trills decorated a boat, not a tree.

The Chief Operations Officer made her way down to the Mess Hall, she had only met a few of the crew yet, and almost none of the executive officers, and she never turned down a party at any rate. Looking around to see who else was there, before heading over to the buffet to see what was on offer, she knew that she almost always liked earths food.

Dessa poked her head into the mess hall. She didn't really feel like a party but it wouldn't do for the chief counselor to miss such an event. She was sort of responsible for ship morale after all, even if her own morale had taken a dive before she was assigned to this ship. Dessa glanced around and wondered what quiet corner of the room she could head toward. Small short conversations were in her power but she dreaded big groups at the moment.

Aina was filling her plate as she noticed a few new people had joined her at the buffet. She turned over to see the engineering chief. "Hello, Lieutenant. Lieutenant Junior Grade Kasumi Aina," She introduced herself. She put a fish finger in her mouth. "Oh these are good," She said, "Want some?" She offered as she wiggled her ears and her tail slightly curled up. After her encounter with the first officer, she wasn't sure what to expect anymore.

Yid smiled. "Pleasure to meet you, Lieutenant Aina," he said. "I've never tried them but I'm willing to give it a go." He held out his plate. "You are our tactical officer, correct? How are you settling into the Axca?"

"Lieutenant Kasumi," She corrected smiling friendly. "Like the Bajoran, Japanese put their last name first." She put some fish fingers on his plate. "And I am settling in just fine. And yes, I am the tactical chief. And what about you, Lieutenant?" She asked in return.

Yid's smile faltered. "I'm sorry. I've never had any contact with someone of Japanese decent. I'll just think of them like Bajorans from now on. When it comes to names I mean," he said. He picked up a spoon and scooped some vegetables onto his plate. "I'm settling in well, I think. The captain has some requests that I'm working on. Mostly related to engine capacity and capabilities. Is there anything I or my people can do for tactical?"

"Well, not at the moment, working on a list for you and your team, should be on your team very soon." She replied with a smile. "I read about the Bajoran people, deeply religious, very passionate. Like the Japanese." She said with a grin.

Yid motioned for the lieutenant to follow him to an open table, as his plate was full of a number of different items. "I guess that's true. My family name is Yid and my given name is Seeyak. However, I respond to either. And yes, we are a very religious people. I'm a follower of the prophets, although my path has not always been the straightest one," he said sitting down. "I'll look forward to seeing what is on your list. I'm still getting familiar with the ship and her quirks. My last duty station was a Defiant class. What about you?"

Aina sat down with Yid as she put her plate down she said, "Well, I come from a Cheyenne class actually, it's no longer in service. And I wasn't even in starfleet yet." She giggled. "But seriously, USS Condor was a Nebula class. Great ship, one of the security officers was a menace, but I think she got out alright."

Yid took a bite of the greenish casserole and was surprised to find he really liked it. Some kind of bean and crunchy bits. "I always wanted to explore a Cheyenne class. They have some very unique properties," he said and poked at his plate. "So is there some kind of agenda to this party? I received my invitation late. I thought maybe I'd missed a meeting with my head stuck in engineering."

Aina shook her head. "Not that I am aware of. Just food, drinks and getting to know your fellow crew. But what do I know, I just handle security," She as she put another fish finger in her mouth and then noticing the Chief of operations hanging around the buffet.

Ulle stopped what she was doing stopping in front of a cooked large flightless bird. "Is this is goose or a Turkey? I need to Brush up on my Human food" She picked up the carving knife besides the bird and started to do her best to carve it, it was not so different then some animals on her home world after all. She got a pierce for herself, looking around at the group at the table. "Anyone else want some while I'm carving?"

Aina looked up to the operations chief. She then looked to the bird and then walked to it. She put her nose above it, but not too close and sniffed. "Turkey, most definitely. But then a turkey is most custom for Christmas."She held up her plate. "I am a fish girl, but I would never turn down Christmas turkey," she said grinning.

She sliced off a pair of cuts for Aina one dark and the other white meat. Transferring them to her plate with the flat where. "Fish? I'll remember that, a good deal trill food is aquatic, but we have a lot of shell fish in there."

Without saying anything she put several fish fingers on Ulle's plate. "Well try this. They're great." She grinned as took a fork and put some turkey in her mouth. "Mmm, good turkey."

She put a lump of mashed potatos on her plate moving to sit down with the collection. Trying the fish fingers. She liked fish well enough and this was pretty good giving a nod. "I bit mild compared to Fish from Trill, but in a good oil cooked way. Every thing from my home world taste like it was swimming in vinegar to some extent." She motioned to the seat at her table. "You know it occurs to me that we have stations more or less besides each other, and I think we have only talked once or twice sense I started my job."

Aina nodded. "Would you like to join me and Lieutenant Seeyak?" She pointed at the table they were sitting on. "I am going to bring him some Turkey, he seems like a turkey guy." She grinned. As she filled a fresh plate with some Turkey and walked back to the table.

Ulle gave a nod and moved herself. "Yep, three is better then two. Give me one moment however." She made a short trip over to the replicator and came back with a small fish and house a single fish, well it looked more like a cross between a fish and a lamprey, with a sucker mouth and a slightly eel looking body. And it seemed to be in some kind sauce and didn't seem cooked, and while the smell wasn't bad, rather tangy smelling actually it was a bit on the strong side. "Try this, it's Gorvik, it's kind of like the Trill version of turkey, In that we eat them at the solstice festival." If she did try it, it was clear that it was cooked in much the same way that fish like Ceviche where, allowed to actually chemically cook in something acidic like citrus, it also had a rather roily texture, but otherwise was a nice tangy salty fish dish.

Yid watched the Trill as she ate. He'd never had a fondness for fish but she seemed to be enjoying it. "So Lieutenant Kesas, we were discussing where we were posted before the Axca. Where were you?" Yid asked.

Aina put some of the fish on the plate and took a bite. She nodded as she was eating. "That is one nice fish, Lieutenant." She smiled.

She nodded. "I went fishing for them every year when I was a kid with my older sister... Well Until I stabbed my older sister in the foot with the spear on year. After that she took to watching me from the docks." She thought the memory was funny, even if her sister would not agree. "As far as postings before this? I spend a year as on the USS Halifax as the ships B shift ops officer, then after a year I was transferred and made the Chief of Operations at the Vulcan Medical Station P'Jem... Did that for a few years and now the Axca." She stopped to take a bite a chew before adding. "That might sound impressive being the Chief of ops after two years, but the P'Jem station has a crew of twenty four... It was less a medical station and more a medical warehouse."

Yid thought about working on a remote station with a small staff. "Well, besides the medical part, it kind of reminds me of the Fearless. Working on a Defiant class ship is also working with a small crew. Of course, we moved around but it was...cozy. I am really excited to have more people around."

"Ya it was rather nice, I must admit it took getting accustomed to the crew being mostly Vulcan however. They actually do have a sense of humor, it's just... hard to find. And I'll just come and state that Vulcan food might be my least favorite. But you kind of get accustomed to a group of people." Ulle gave her turkey a try, she had the bird before but found that it was one of those dishes that had a lot of variation on how you cooked it..

Tag Yid/Aina

Price stepped out of the turbolift and headed for his office to grab the bag of goodies he forgot to pick up last night from his office and noticed one present to make up for the bridge incident and scooped them up straining the dress uniform and leaving for the gig

S'relli, the ships resident fuzzy CO tugged at his dress whites. They always made his fur bunch up, he hated that. But wasn't anything he could've done. He entered the mess hall, and he instantly loved the decor. "Hello!" He waved before heading to the drink table

That was until he smelled the turkey. He immediately changed course.

Alec frowned as he walked in, looking around for a moment. He took a breath, standing there for a moment as he took in the...decorations. Everything. Something inside of him tugged on a memory, wanting to reveal itself, but he pushed it aside. No need to get emotional over this. His brother was celebrating Christmas with the family, Alec hadn't been in years. There was no need to dwell on it, but he walked over to where the drinks were anyway and helped himself to something that looked very festive...if blue was a festive colour. He shrugged and drank it...and then grimaced and coughed. He carried the drink over to where the food was being done, motioning to his glass. "In case of cardiac arrest, I suggest a swig of this. It will start your heart again. It may also sedate you and clean out any open wounds as well..." he shuddered but still knocked the contents of his glass back.

"Sounds handy," Dessa replied. "Maybe we should alert sickbay to stock it? I wonder if it works on other species as well?"

"Good point," Alec pointed at Dessa with the empty glass, nodding sagely. "I also want to recommend it for away teams. As emergency...treatment. Or diplomatic missions with anyone who is a bit grumpy..." he looked at the food and frowned. "Is it goose?"

"That's what it appears to be. Do you want me to taste it to make sure it's not poisoned?" Dessa really had no idea why she was teasing him, she'd come in her convinced she wasn't in the mood for a party but his sarcasm had caught her by surprise.

"Yes...please..." he said before he suddenly chuckled and met her eyes, raising his eyebrow playfully. "Just in case."

She grinned and took a small sample of the bird, putting it in her mouth before making some fake choking noises and clutching her throat. "No, It's turkey. If you're not worried about who cooked it then I think you'll be fine."

Sotaak walked over to the captain who was now filling his plate with Turkey. "It appears we have a tendency to meet over food, sir." He started to fill his plate with casserole and fish fingers. "I also believe that there is more than enough Turkey for everyone." He then put some vegetables on his plate. He then saw the doctor talking to the counselor. "Excuse me, sir." He bowed and walked over to the Goose.

"Doctor, counselor, it is agreeable to meet you. I have not had time to meet with either of you. Maybe I should make an appointment with you doctor for physical. After the party of course." He nodded to the doctor and the counselor.

"Commander," Dessa nodded toward him. "My office is always open."

"Thank you, commander. It is noted," Sotaak said to Dessa. "I will visit you, of course." He didn't want the counselor to feel left out.

Alec had put some of the...bird...on his plate and tried it, frowning slightly. "You know what this needs? Pigs in blanket. That's what it needs..." he said and looked at Sotaak. "Don't worry, Commander...I'm working down the list of personnel personally to make sure everyone gets seen for a physical."

"I guess next time you'll have to plan the dinner." Dessa dished up her own plate of the offerings and glanced around her for a place to sit.

Tag, Sotaak and S'relli

Price walked in carrying both bags and sat down at a single seat table placing the bags under the desk and his jacket over the back of the chair and got up to go over to the buffet table.

"Ah, Commander..." Alec smiled as he looked at the man, giving him a respectful nod. "Try the turkey. It's...well, it's what it is. Worth a try."

"ill pass thanks but i here the captains gonna do a speech to the crew got yelled at when i walked into the ready room and he was practicing it" Giles explained

"Ouch...then maybe the punch instead," Alec said with a grimace before he smiled weakly to the man, giving a nod. "To soothe the bruised ego from the yelling...In fact, I should write you a prescription for that."

S'relli laughed as he klinked his glass with a spoon. something he saw in an old Earth movie. His eues popped open. Well. That actually worked!

"Uh, hello all. And thank you for this great party. I look forward to more!" He grinned. He cleared his throat. "Makes feel great knowing that this crew has such binds already, as I expect them to be tested in the unknown that waits us" he began. "Im not much for speaking, so i'll keep this brief. I just want to say this, new crew to new captain. This is Axca, our Axca. We may not be the Enterprise, but the Enterprise isnt us. Remember that as we fly along."


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