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Lieutenant Yid Seeyak

Name Yid Seeyak

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Bajoran
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11
Weight 170
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Seeyak is a non-descript person who tends to go unnoticed by most people. He is muscular but not overly so and he walks with a determined stride.


Spouse N/A
Children None
Father Yid Keth
Mother Yid Vin
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family Seeyak has an extensive family of cousins and Aunts and Uncles living on Bajor.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Seeyak is an intense person who values achieving goals. He tends to come off as abrupt and sometimes rude when in reality he is just trying to get things done. He cherishes family, despite having no close family. He tried to return to Bajor to visit Aunts and Uncles as often as possible.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Technically Proficient
+ Loyal
+ Curious
+ Strong Willpower

- Abrupt
- Argumentative
- Competitive
Ambitions Seeyak hope to one day become a member of the Starfleet Propulsions Design Team
Hobbies & Interests Running
Exploring new planets
Making new friends

Personal History Seeyak was born on Bajor near the end of the Cardassian Occupation. His father, Ceird Keth, was a graduate of the Bajoran Science Institute and an early member of the resistance. Seeyak grew up moving from secret camp to secret camp. His father became one of the lead engineers, mainly working on improvised weapons systems to fight the Cardassians His mother, Vin, was a nurse and spent more of her time helping the sick and injured than raising Seeyak. For the first six years of his life Seeyak knew only fear and violence and loss.

When he turned seven, Seeyak’s mother was infected with a Cardassian nerve agent that slowly destroyed her nervous system. His father attempted to build a medical stasis machine but failed due to the lack of electronic supplies and materials. Seeyak knew that their lack of technology helped to kill his mother. He began working alongside his father, building weapons and communication devices. His hands were deft and his mind was nimble.

By the time he was eight, Seeyak was a veteran of ambushes, murders and bombings. He secretly rejoiced the death of every Cardassian. He saw that his efforts were having real effects. Cardassian troops were consolidating and rumor said they were leaving. One last mission could tilt everything in Bajor’s favor. The resistance needed more material and supply and they located a target.

A major supply depot in the Lonar Provice was headed by a vicious Cardassian named Gul Berek. Information revealed that the Gul had a disgusting proclivity for young Bajoran males. If they managed to take his access codes, the depo could be overrun and the materials within would allow the resistance to shatter Cardassian power in the region. Seeyak volunteered. His father forbade it but Seeyak insisted and finally left without permission. A Cardassian patrol picked him up near the depot and, acting on standing orders, took the young Bajoran to the Gul. Gul Berek turned out to be exactly the monster he was rumored to be.

He took Seeyak into his home and fed and clothed him, all the while acting like someone who cared. After two weeks, the attacks began. Seeyak had no choice but to endure. He closed his mind to the horrors and finally, four weeks later, he was able to take the codes. Before he left, he slit Gul Berek’s throat with a shattered glass. He watched him, choking on his own blood until he died. Using an electronic signal disruptor he made from items in the Gul’s home and the access codes, he managed to escape the depot and make his way back to the resistance base. When he handed over the codes to the resistance leader, he started crying and didn’t stop.

Seeyak came out of his medically induced coma to a new world. The Cardassians were leaving. The resistance had won. He was a broken little boy who had grown up too soon. His father was offered a position at the Bajoran Science Institute but he declined. Together the two moved to a small settlement and worked each day, building regular items that would make the lives of farmers, shop owners, nurses better. Seeyak didn’t talk much during those early years. Instead, his father did the talking and he listened. He learned about technology, history, mathematics, his mother and he learned about the prophets. By the time he was 13, Seeyak was already rivaling his father’s skills as an engineer and they would work together on water and soil reclamators for many people across the province.

Not long after his sixteenth birthday, Seeyak’s father’s health began to fail. The doctors ran numerous tests and found that some of the materials he had worked with during the occupation had been toxic heavy metals from Cardassia. Those metals had spent the previous seven years slowly destroying his cellular integrity. His father was dying. With the help of Federation medicine, Seeyak was able to spend the remaining three years of his father’s life enjoying each other’s company. His father died just after morning during the summer of Seeyak’s 24th year. His father’s last words were “Son. The Cardassians took so much. Do not let them take the rest of your life. Live. Live well. Walk with the Prophets.”

A year later, as he was working on a broken soil reclamator, a starfleet shuttle landed nearby, clearly with a malfunctioning engine. The pilot, a truly stunning Lieutenant, came out and walked up to where he stood, covered in dirt. “I heard you were the genius engineer in these parts. I got caught in a lightning storm and fried my communications array and my engines. Can you help?” He said yes. A year later he entered Starfleet Academy.

The Academy was a breeze. Seeyak majored in Engineering with a Propulsions specialization. He was much older than most of the other cadets and his experiences with the Bajoran Resistance could easily have set him apart from his cohort. But he found the other cadets so welcoming that he found some of his old wounds closing. He made many friends and discovered that they thought he was witty and funny. He found a home.

Seeyak finished near the top of his engineering class and was posted to the USS Rabin, an Akira class heavy cruiser as an assistant engineer. Over the next five years his good humor, level headedness, and creative mind made him a valuable part of the Rabin’s engineering staff. When he was promoted to Lieutenant JG, his Chief, Lieutenant Commander Ranklin, encouraged him to seek out a new posting where he could run his own shop. He stumbled across the USS Fearless opening for a Chief Engineer and, on a whim, applied.

Seeyak served on the Fearless until the ship was destroyed in combat with Cardassian rebels. He mourned the loss of his ship but turned his attention to finding a new berth. After a long shoreleave on Bajor, Seeyak applied for a new position.
Service Record 2360 - Birth on Bajor
2366 - Joins Bajoran Resistance
2384 - Accepted to Starfleet Academy
2388 - Graduates from Starfleet Academy
2388 - Assigned to USS Rabin (Akira Class) Engineering Officer
2390 - Promoted to Lieutenant JG
2393 - Reassigned to USS Fearless (Defiant Class) Chief Engineering Officer
2394 - Promoted to Lieutenant
2395 - USS Fearless destroyed in battle. Extended Shore Leave
2395 - Assigned USS Axca Chief Engineering Officer