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Lieutenant Ulle Kesas

Name Ulle Kesas

Position Chief Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Trill - Joined
Age 26 Trill / 20 Symbiont

Physical Appearance

Height 170cm
Weight 51kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Ulle is a tall slender female with a full head of dark hair framing a sharp featured almost avian face.


Father Gulva - Deceased.
Mother Commander: Karva Vil - M.D. Captain USS Uroboros.
Brother(s) Lieutenant: Marval - M.D. USS Neptune.
Other Family Brother in Law - Captain: Christopher Seers. Commanding officer: USS Neptune.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Ulle can best be discribed as a likable pain in the neck. The first to pick playful fun at some one and have a snarky remark. but also the first person to actually help or comfort a person.
Shes a hard worker even if she can be easily bored and distracted.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Excelenet Memory
+Good multitasking

-Maybe just a tad coincided.
-Bit of a slob.
-A bit to snarky at times
-Some what easily distracted or bored.
Ambitions If Ulle has a true flaw it is a almost complete lack of ambition at the moment, the joint burdens of both passing the selection process for joining and attending star fleet academy have in all truth somewhat burned her out for the time being.
Hobbies & Interests Reading.

Picked up a love of 20th Century Earth "Historical Dramas" mostly revolving around campy b-movies, Si-Fi and super heroes.

A passing interest in martial arts. Though she tends to like the... less practical ones like fencing and kendo)

Has a real passion for history and architecture.

A bit of a hedonist spending a lot of time on beaches and drinking on the holodeck.

Personal History Ulle was born on and spent the first decade of her formative years on-board the USS Albion a Excelsior class Starship that her mother was the 2nd and then 1st officer of. Once her mother was given command of the much smaller Oberth class Starship the USS Uroboros a Medical Vessel she moved to live with her father on the Trill Home world.

Once there she like most intelligent and 'gifted' trill children started to study and prepare for the application process of symbiot joining. A process that she started to undertake at fifteen and dominated her life for the next five years. While she was eventually chosen for joining she could at best be described as one of the lowest scoring joined candidates. Becoming the first time host for a Symbiot the new Trill Choosing the last Symbiot name Kesas, after a semi-precious metal native to Trill. And more or less the Trill equivalent to naming one's self after a bronze medal.

After being joined Ulle, now Ulle Kesas experienced what many trills call "the down time" a period after being joined when they experience a more or less lack of motivation. So Ulle did the only thing she could think of and applied to star fleet academy. First to start fleets medical program like her mother and sister. But quickly washing out and entering the standard program for the academy. She received "Satisfactory grades" And graduated "At the bottom, of the top of her class."

She then started her survive in star fleet on the USS Halifax a Saber Class stationed on the Star Fleet and Romunlan Boarder and part of a larger Anti-Borg task force. Despite her lack luster grades and performance in the Academy she acquitted herself quite well as a actual star fleet officer, making a name for the speed and efficiency that she had in her operations work. Indeed she was quickly earning a reputation as the go to work hard work and getting things done quickly and right the first time. She was also quickly instructed by both the chief medical officer and counselor to maybe take a less stressful duty station for a few years.

And thus she was transferred somewhat to her disliking to a Small Medical Station on the Vulcan world of P'jem as the stations chief operations officer. While chief ops officer might have been a tall order for a officer with only a few years of service. The stations status as a medical supply station and it's rather small crew translated into a almost comically small work load for a operations officer that station being "A glorified pharmacy" but even in this duty station she acquitted herself well. Even being commended by the Vulcans
there for efficiency, if not for her rather vexing interpersonal manner.

After "Convalescing" for a while at this duty station she applied for a transfer back to fleet duty. And was assigned to the USS Axca.
Service Record 2383-2388 Trill Symbiot selection Process.
2388-2392 Star Fleet Academy.
2392-2393 Service USS Halifax
2393-2395 Chief of Operations Vulcan Medical Station P'Jem.
2395 Cheif of Operations USS Axca