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Lieutenant Commander Alec Wakefield

Name Alec Wakefield

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 37

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Weight 167lbs
Hair Color Dark brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Alec is of average build with dark hair with light curls, although receding, and blue eyes. He doesn’t seem very intimidating when you meet him, instead his pale skin and easy smile. However when he is serious or angry it shows clearly on his face.


Father Peter Wakefield
Mother Olivia Wakefield
Brother(s) Oliver Wakefield, twin brother, Art teacher

Personality & Traits

General Overview Alec is a somewhat sarcastic man with a good heart who genuinely cares about people and his job. As a medical doctor he is professional but with decent bedside manners, always ready to listen. Privately, he has a bit of a wicked sense of humour that relies heavily on sarcasm and occasional puns. He is very secure in who he is and what he is, but keeps personal matters private as he puts a strict line between when he is on duty and when he is off duty. He is fiercely loyal to his friends and will put the care of anyone above himself. He is somewhat of an introvert, having no issues with spending time on his own but also enjoying being around people if he does not have the main spotlight. He enjoys observing people more than actually interacting with them unless it is on a one to one basis.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Loyal, intelligent, has a sense of humour and can handle pressure
Weaknesses: Does not hide his emotions well, stubborn, introvert
Ambitions As much as he hates to admit it, Alec’s ambitions would be to work at Starfleet Medical.
Hobbies & Interests Martial arts (practices Systema and kendo), history, medical history and music

Personal History Alec Wakefield was born 2 minutes before his twin brother Oliver to Olivia and Peter Wakefield, a pair of civilian scientists. He was born on Mars, but his parents would take Alec and his brother with them on many civilian research and science vessels through the years. Because of this, both brothers were closely bonded as they quickly realised that friends were a temporary thing that changed whenever their parents found something new to study. The two boys were quite different though, with Oliver having a talent for art and music while Alec had a brain for the sciences. The one thing they both did do equally well though were martial arts, which they would both practice for hours either on a holodeck or in each other in quarters.

Oliver was outgoing, a man for the ladies who enjoyed parties and gatherings. Alec however was quieter, happy to observe but not really participating. His affairs were quiet and private, never bringing anyone to his quarters where his parents had to meet them. In fact, nothing would terrify him more than them meeting anyone he cared about.

It became clear through the years that while Oliver longed for a home with firm ground under his feet, Alec wanted to travel. When they were 18, Oliver went to study art at a university on Mars while Alec joined Starfleet. Fast forward four years and Oliver was married with a small son and Alec graduated from Starfleet as a medical officer. But 2373 was a year that offered a lot of turmoil and would change Alec forever. Word about the trouble on the Cardassian border had spread quickly that year and Ensign Alec Wakefield on the USS Saratoga was not far away from war without realising it. As the conflict escalated and full war broke out, Alec found that medicine on a ship under fire was a lot different than in the sterile environment of the Academy.

Alec was good at it though, able to keep a calm head under a red alert even when sickbay was overflowing. When the war ended, Alec was left a different man, more sarcastic and cynical than his parents ever taught him, but with a level head and an easy way about him because he knew how temporary things were. Life could end just like that, so why worry about it? Medicine was his passion now, helping piece people together and using the technology they had at hand to help the process. Never again was he going to have to put something over a wound that a dermal regenerator could close up within minutes, just because supplies were low and the ship was drifting. The change in him was marked by his family, especially his brother who by now had two children with his wife Elly. It became more and more difficult for Alec to spend time with them, so he saw them less and less.

Alec showed his skills as a medical officer but also a talent for the administrative side of it. He was never afraid to stay late, to make sure he handed everything over in a proper way for the next shift. It was perhaps that which helped his promotion to Assistant Chief Medical Officer, this time on the USS Narvik. He wasn’t the most popular of Assistant Chiefs that the ship had ever had, but he did a good job in getting what the Chief Medical Officer wanted done.

It was only natural that eventually he would make it to Chief Medical Officer, a goal he had silently cultivated since the war ended.
Service Record 2369-2373 Starfleet Academy, Medical
2373-2379 USS Saratoga, Medical Officer
2379-2384 USS Invincible, Medical Officer
2384-2388 USS Narvik, Assistant Chief Medical Officer