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Posted on Mon Feb 25th, 2019 @ 4:03am by Lieutenant Ulle Kesas & Lieutenant Yid Seeyak
Edited on on Tue Feb 26th, 2019 @ 6:32am

Mission: Getting underway
Location: Bridge
Timeline: 1300 hours


Ulle was well and done with this, she had spent the better part of the morning fiddling with the sensor stations on the bridge, then the relays then with her head in a jefferies tube under her work station. And she was rather dirty now. "How does a star ship get grime in it? Where in space...." She sat at her station pushing the button on her readout and sighing. "Great.. I broke it." She hit her com badge as she started to slowly turn around in her seat, part of the bridge crew giving her a weird look.

"Operations to Engineering, This is Chief Operations officer Kesas requesting that you send some one up to fix something for me before I break more of the stuff on the bridge trying to do it myself." She sounded half annoyed and half bored. But she knew that the treat of her breaking stuff would at least get a answer quickly.

"Lieutenant Yid here. I've got most of my department running computer diagnostics so I'll come up and take a look at it. I've been meaning to check out the flight controls anyway. I'll be up there in five minutes. Yid out." Seeyak scanned Main Engineering, watching as his new people moved through the tasks he'd given them. They were pretty green but he thought most of them were going to turn out well. "Ensign Craft, I'm heading to the bridge. You keep an eye on things here."

Ensign Sally Craft tried not to panic. She nodded. "Of course, sir," she said. Seeyak smiled and walked out, thinking about his time as an ensign long ago.

Four minutes and thirty-two seconds later the turbolift opened onto the bridge and Seeyak stepped out. With the Axca not yet underway, the bridge had a very relaxed atmosphere. Except for operations which appeared to be under a cloud. He sauntered over to that station.

"Good afternoon, Lieutenant Kesas," Seeyak said with a smile. "What can I do for you today?"

Kesas was still at the ops station. And seamed rather pleased what some one was there now. "Well..." She tapped her station which was dark at the moment. "Oh right ya... I actually kind of broke my station trying to fix the original problem..." She got up and moved over to the auxiliary sensor station and literally hip bumped the Ensign Manning out of the way. "So, look at this.." She manipulated the station for a moment, pulling up a sensor reading. showing the locations of everyone on the bridge. "Ha! See!" She rather excitedly motioned to the read out, which on closer inspection showed the two of them actually inside the console. "Every one on the whole ship reads as being point two meters farther to port then they really are. And on external sensors the whole ship is a few hundred meters out of place. I checked every single relay between here and the Bio-neural gel pack relays. I even had a nurse come up and scan them to make sure they didn't have.. I don't know, computer flu." She seamed more then a little frustrate.

"I mean it's ether the whole deflector array, the computer core itself, or we are getting some kind of interference... Oh right and I also broke the ops station."

Yid listened to the description of the problem with a deepening frown. "Point two meters is a lot of variance. It is possible to have smaller ones as the computers are being calibrated. We still have work to do before we leave dock. But it shouldn't be that high. My first guess is that it is a computer issue. No way all of the sensors are off without some kind of higher control influence," he said and moved to a nearby console. "I'm going to check the bridge computer control relay. This might be a data translation error or maybe some kind of glitch."

She gave a nod, that had been her thought also, if it was just a few micrometres, nanometres that would be one thing. "Alright, while your doing that I'll go check the cables on the primary operations station. I'm pretty sure I just knocked a cable lose or something." She stopped a moment to totally switch the power off from her station before starting to undo it's panel.

Yid was still getting used to the ship's systems. While every Starfleet vessel used the same basic computer system, each class of ship had quirks. The Fearless had been a Defiant class and her consoles and computer structure had been designed for durability, not aesthetics. But the Axca was much more user friendly. He went through three sub-menus before he found the bridge relay that connected the main computer to the secondary computer on the bridge. The relay acted as a sort of guide, sending data to the proper consoles that had requested it.

"I'm running a diagnostic on the relay and also on the bridge computer systems to see if there is some kind of error code affecting the actual readings," he said.

Ulle spent a little while opening the floor panel under her console and looking at connections, she had been under the floor last time she really didn't look at it form this Direction. Giving a sigh, before using her comm badge. "Engineering this is the bridge can you send up a replacement isoliner-fuse for the ops console?" She pulled out the old one. "I clearly did more damage then good trying to find what's wrong. but at least that wont take to fix this thing."


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