General Items
Bridge   The Main Bridge of the USS Axca and where most of the work is done
Ready Room   The captain's ready room was a personal office reserved for the commanding officer of a starship and was typically accessed from the bridge.
Briefing Room   The briefing room was a dedicated area on where senior staff or military leaders could conduct meetings and various conferences. On starships, it was generally located near the ship's main bridge.
Captains Quarters   The Commanding officers private quarters aboard the starship
Sickbay   Sickbay, also known as the dispensary, was the main medical center aboard a ship
Mess Hall   The mess hall where crewmembers can relax and enjoy a meal or a quick snack in a social setting. It was also the place where officials, such as ambassadors of other worlds, were entertained. Gatherings were also held there.
Science Lab 1   A science laboratory, also known as a science lab, research laboratory, or lab, was any area set-up for work in experimental or observational science. Areas like these were commonplace aboard explorational vessels
Transporter Room   The transporter room was part of a starship or space station which was specially outfitted to transport lifeforms and small, inanimate objects. This room included a transporter chamber with a transporter platform.
Cargo Bay 1   A cargo bay or cargo hold was a general purpose storage facility
Main Shuttle Bay   The shuttlebay (variously called the flight deck, hangar deck, or shuttlecraft bay) was a facility on a starship where shuttlecraft were launched, received, stored, and maintained.
Cargo Bay 2   A cargo bay or cargo hold was a general purpose storage facility
Officers Quarters   They are generally reserved for those of ranking lieutenant (full grade) or higher and members of the senior staff, regardless of their rank. Senior staff members are typically assigned quarters featuring large windows.
Junior Officers Quarters   The Junior Officers Quarters aboard the ship are a shared living space where officer from lieutenant and below and non commissioned officers from chief petty officer above used
Computer Access Room/Computer Core   The computer access room was a facility aboard Federation starships that allowed easy access to the computer core. The computer core (or memory core) was the location of a starship's or space station's central computer.
Main Engineering   Engineering, or main engineering or the engine room (called reactor pit in Klingonese), was the location from which the ship's main power systems were controlled.
Corridor   One of many corridors on the ship and what they look like
Turbolift   The turbolift, or turbo-elevator, provided both vertical and horizontal transportation for personnel through turboshafts between key sections of a ship