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Commander Giles Price

Name Giles Price

Position Executive Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Centaurian
Age 120

Physical Appearance

Height 5'4
Weight 125
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Large well built for a middle aged Centaurian. He has been through a lot with many prominent scars around the body telling a story of his vast career


Sister(s) Rosie Price

Personality & Traits

General Overview General Overview:
He is a hard headed person with a reputation for doing everything in his power to win, though he occasionally takes heat for his decisions. Fiercely loyal and a highly competitive man, focusing tightly on what needs to be done to get the job done in a way that minimizes casualties. He has a headstrong aggressive tendency to occasionally disobey orders he think are nuts or outright dangerous.
Strengths & Weaknesses Fiercely loyal person who takes pride in being loyal to his commanding officer and the crew
Ambitions Would like to one day command a starship or return home to help
Hobbies & Interests Reading, roleplaying, military

Personal History Price was born in a Centaurian colony, after his parents were captured by the Klingons during the war of independence. When the Klingon scientists realized that the infant child has the perfect DNA structure for Klingon enhancement, they took the child from the parents. When the Price's resisted, they were shot dead by Klingon troopers, leaving only his sister Rosie alive.
Klingon scientists aimed to create a highly intelligent military commander with excellent strength and combat reflexes; in essence, the perfect soldier. However, the facility was liberated by Centaurian forces and the Price's were taken under there care.

Giles fled the colony and spent a few years on earth making a living doing odd jobs such as various postings on civilian freighters before finally joining Starfleet academy after seeing an advert on a billboard wanting people to sign up and explore the galaxy. For the four long years Giles was at the academy he felt a sense of achievement that he could do something to help his people later in life achieve something. He graduated top of his class and went onto receive his first posting aboard the USS Vancouver a Sabre class boarder cutter assigned to protect the boarder for which he was quite good at enjoying the company of other people and races whilst working as a team to achieve the required objectives set. Price lasted the 5 year tour of duty aboard the ship protecting the border day in day out before transferring to the Centaur class boarder cutter USS Typhoon under the command of James Franco a fine young officer of some ilk with an impressive track record under his belt to which Giles enjoyed serving under.

Price enjoyed border cutter duties each time completing another 5 year mission along the border before moving on to be under the command of Daniel Jones and his XO Minty Jones a fine pair they made looking after the USS Alberta another border cutter this time Miranda class and showing it age as it did its job flawlessly every day Giles was part of the crew. He enjoyed this role so much he wanted to stay with another ship or the same ship but Starfleet wanted to decommission the ship so he was transferred over to the USS Zodiac still doing border cutter work on a Norway class ship being promoted to Lieutenant JG which came with more exciting responsibility on the ship and more trust with Price as an officer in Starfleet. This was yet another tour of duty under his belt but not without tragedy along the way and lives lost during the time served aboard the fine ship. The ship was recalled back to the nearest starbase to await its fate after Victoria Palmer the commanding officer aboard the ship was killed in action during our last border patrol during our final days on patrol during the tour.

Giles transferred to the Mohawk which he had heard many rumours about the legend of this ship and is daring line of duty acts between life and death. He enjoyed being part of this legendary crew aboard this Centaur under command of a Jason Smith a legend himself having saved his previous posting ship from a core meltdown disobeying orders and risking his own life he saved everyone onboard. Price was proud to serve under an epic legend such as him and felt proud to be part of a legacy that would grow over time. He enjoyed the company and the atmosphere aboard the ship and was transferred away at the end of the tour to another ship that needed his assistance which became the Yeti another Sabre class Border cutter. During his time aboard these vessels he had learnt to work as a team how to think and act by himself in hostile situations and in non ideal conditions and loved the people he worked with every day. At the end of the Yeti's tour of duty he was asked by a former CO he had been under on the Vancouver to come back and join the new Vancouver ship.

The Vancouver now a Defiant class patrolled the border and occasionally went onto other missions when instructed was a life changing experience seeing different local places during the five years and occasionally the border for patrols and protection duties. It was great to be back amongst familiar faces and new ones and be in a familiar environment under a wonderful CO. He completed the 5 years and his skills were required desperately on the Wildcat so Giles moved over and met new challenges on another Nova class which he enjoyed being on and enjoyed the crew and the new missions that awaited him and the crew from a day to day basis.

There was one incident he will never forget he was on the bridge when we where violently attacked all hell broke loose killing the CO and XO. Most of the crew scared stiff to step up and take control of the situation caused me to be brave enough to sit in the chair and save us from disaster. At the end of the five year Starfleet decided to award me the medal of honour and a promotion to lieutenant came with my next posting to the Kansas a much bigger ship being Akira class and a wider range of missions became available plus my job title changed no longer was Giles a wizz with tactics but had a big responsibility to serve under the chief strategic operations officer as his assistant. This lasted another 5 years before moving to the Defiant class USS Edmonton.

The Edmonton was a fine ship and had history behind it which gave him something to look forward to being part of. It was a fun ship with a quirky crew and a quirky way of doing things Giles was not used to doing which he tried to learn, this lasted yet another five years before a posting to the Destiny a Centaur class again he was familiar with this class and its quirks and niggles. It only lasted 3 years as he still has the memory of that fateful night in question firmly planted in his mind. During a mission we were tasked with patrolling a certain sector of space when all hell broke loose and remembering being thrown across the bridge as the ship was hit. He can still smell the fumes and smoke fondly and the cries from various bridge crew including the CO and XO for assistance to which once on his feet ran to the assistance of the CO to which he lay dying in Giles arms as the medical officer pronounced him dead along with the XO and other bridge crew being taken away on stretchers. Price remembers getting the courage and strength to take command and try and save everyone to which he fondly remembers yelling out command to the remaining bridge crew whilst the bridge exploded and fell apart around him. Eventually the situation got to the point of no hope and he had to muster up the courage and put his feelings to one side as a tear ran down his bloody sweaty face and pushed the button using all his strength to muster the abandon ship command. Limping off the bridge and into the nearest life pod he watched as the ship was torn apart piece by piece by the ruthless enemy foe.

The Exeter was a more relaxed placement after the accident still getting the nightmares and hot flushes of that very experience on the Destiny but he shook it off got on with the job and enjoyed the posting. The next ship came a long and it was not long before the XO was back on his own footing back onboard the border cutters once more within a sabre class vessel. He enjoyed being back to where he felt comfortable being and got on with the job excelling to the best he could be. Price enjoyed the Washington but loathed for more responsibility and a bigger crew to have around him to boss around but the next posting soon came along and he was whisked away to the colony posting one of his longest postings of Giles career, He was placed onto the New Holland colony outpost replacing the previous XO who had contracted a fatal disease and had died.

The New Holland colony posting was a step backwards but was still an enjoyable place to be. It lasted 5 years before being promoted to LTCMDR and continued on for 5 more years as the XO serving honorably and with passion excelling at the job and going above and beyond the call of duty when needed to by its commanding officer. He was asked by a former crew mate to return to the ships and take up the vacant executive officer position on the Boston to which he was the CO and highly recommended me for the position. He served here for a years wondering what next was on the horizon for the old fellow and after the tour of duty was up the Boston slipped into the dry dock for one last time it was to be decommissioned. Price wondered if Starfleet would retire him or keep him going as he wasn't that old for his species but everything must come to an end or so it seems
Service Record 2286-2286 Deckhand, ECS Pioneer
2287-2288 Deckhand, ECS Lone Star
2288-2389 Deckhand. ECS Empress
2289-2290 Second Officer, ECS Elizabeth
2290-2291 Executive Officer, ECS Normandie
2292-2293 General Studies Cadet, Starfleet Academy
2293-2294 Command Cadet, Starfleet Academy
2294-2295 Command Cadet, Starfleet Academy
2295-2296 Command Cadet, Starfleet Academy
2296-2302 R-ENS, Helm Officer, USS Vancouver
2302-2307 R-ENS, Helm Officer, USS Typhoon
2307-2312 R-ENS, Helm Officer, USS Alberta
2312-2317 R-LTJG, Helm Officer, USS Zodiac
2317-2322 R-LTJG. Helm Officer, USS Mohawk
2322-2327 R-LTJG, Chief Flight Control Officer, USS Yeti
2327-2332 R-LTJG, Executive Officer, USS Vancouver-A
2332-2330 R-LT, Chief Flight Control Officer/Second Officer, USS Wildcat
2330-2336 R-LT, Assistant Chief Strategic Operations, USS Kansas
2336-2341 R-LT, Assistant Chief Strategic Operations/Second Officer, USS Edmonton
2341-2343 R-LT, Executive Officer, USS Destiny
2343-2346 R-LT Chief Strategic Operations, USS Exeter
2346-2350 R-LT Chief Strategic Operations, USS Washington
2350-2355 R-LT Executive Officer, New Holland
2355-2360 R-LTCMDR Executive Officer, New Holland
2360-2388 R-CMDR Executive Officer, USS Boston