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Captain S'relli

Name S'relli

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Caitian
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 6ft4in
Weight 180
Hair Color Spotted coat
Eye Color blue
Physical Description Tall, relatively slim and fit build. Features more in line with a humanoid cheetah. Peircing blue eyes.

Dresses in a mixture of formality and practicality. Preferring to use the uniform that fits the situation most.

Off duty, he is very casual. Happy to dress in a t shirt and shorts.


Personality & Traits

General Overview A kitten at heart, always finding the wonder in any situation. Doesn't abide by "curiosity killed the cat" opting to rush into a situation.

Funny guy in a sarcastic kind of way
Strengths & Weaknesses S
Good memory
Fair shot
Not too good to get his hands dirty.

Sometimes looks before he leaps
Sarcasm can sometimes get the better of him
Ambitions Eventually settle down with the right person, whoever that may be. Other than that, just to serve
Hobbies & Interests Avid reader
Passing interest in antique weaponry

Personal History S'relli grew up on a Caitian colony in early 2360. Life was typical there. He was born third out of a litter of six, which made him well behind his brother in the pecking order. Which also provided him with a respite from too many of the family expectation.

He was more or less a typical child. Learning the tricks of the trade of being a caitian. Hunts, traditions and such. Educated at home that's basically all that he knew. This was his life from birth

In 2373, the now teenage kitten was more or less drafted into the defense of their colony as his older siblings immediately signed up for Starfleet service. This went on for the duration of the Dominion war. This rocked S'relli to the core.

His job was to be part of a roaming patrol. It was boring work to his peers, but he loved the service. So much that he elected to stay on, finally having found a purpose.

Scared for his family, he followed the news closely. Hearing about Starfleet battles and losses stoked a fire to "get in on the action".

As a result he pressed his shoulder to the wheel in his home schooling, prepping for the academy exam. The fact that he was underage nonwithstanding. However that chance passes him by with the war ending just after his 15th birthday. Nevertheless he pressed on.

For the next couple of years he wouldn't leave his two older brothers alone, bugging them about Starfleet service.

He learned so much. Ammunition that helped him in the exam, which he passed.

In 2376 he entered the Academy, choosing a security track. He was a well disciplined cadet on duty. Off duty he let his fur down and was not averse to the odd party.

In 2379 he was assigned to the USS Nautilus for a cedet cruise. While he was there he was offered a position there as a SO

As an Ensign he was in charge of a two man team on gamma shift. He held that post for two years before being promoted to Lietenant jg in 2383.

In 2383 he was transferred to the USS Decker as ACSTO he served there until 2386 when he was promoted to Lietenant and made CSTO. He has since transferred to the USS Yukon