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Internal Growth

Posted on Fri Feb 15th, 2019 @ 6:23am by Lieutenant Ulle Kesas & Lieutenant Commander Alec Wakefield

Mission: Getting underway
Location: Medical Bay

Ulle had meant to check in with the doctor of the ship before now, but had more or less just been lazy about it. She was after all a bit overdue for yearly checkups. But then there was this. She had like most newly joined trill had some discomfort form time to time but this was consistent and unpleasant.

So there she was shuffling into the medical bay holding her stomach with some of it not the most unpleasant cramps she had ever experienced. But she was resolute not to act like a child with a tummy ache, she never handled being ill well, but she was a adult now and couldn't whine about it. But she was also a bit concerned, after all she wasn't one organism anymore.

Doctor Wakefield looked up from the PADD when he saw her, frowning at the way the woman held herself. As a doctor, you learned to see some outwardly sign of pain. He stood and put the PADD down, waving the nurse that went to greet Ulle away as he walked over to the Trill. "Lieutenant," he said, offering his arm to her. in case she wanted the extra support to the nearest biobed. "What brings you to sickbay?"

She let herself be helped. laying down. "I would say there cramps but.. Cramps don't general hurt this much. I haven't eaten anything weird I can think of ether, so I have no ideal." She didn't seam to be holding her abdomen in the area of the stomach anyways, much higher, right under the rib cage. "Oh, also I'm way overdue for my starfleet physical."

"Seems to be standard in the fleet," Alec said and had the computer look at her vitals. "What other symptoms have you experienced since the cramps started?" he added, wanting a list of what she had experienced. Her heart rate was elevated, most likely from the pain.

She seamed to think "I feel like I have gas, but it's.. to high. pressure you know?" She used her hand to indicate a location on herself, right below the xiphoid process, which was much more rounded on the trill then human. But still more or less in the same location. The read out showed that while her blood pressure and heart rate where elevated, her Symbiont was basically average, which ruled out a lot of issues like allergic reactions or infections.

He nodded and moved to her side, smiling gently. "May I?" he asked, gesturing to her midsection. Her symptoms helped. "How long since you were Joined, Ulle?" he knew her name, having read her file. When you had a Joined Trill, you sort of took notice.

She gave a nod at the question about her personal space, it was made just a little harder to feel around because she was not in uniform. Her clothing having a bit more fabric to it, but she seamed to think for a moment... "Seven years... two months and... a week or so. The committee tends to keep a closer watch on you if your the first host for a Symbiont." Her head soft of popped up suddenly. "Oh gezz I'm a idiot I hadn't even considered it was something wrong with Kesas and not Ulle." She put her head back down her heart rate picking up a bit more. Not quite a panic attack but clearly the ideal didn't help her any.

"It's okay, your Symbiont isn't in distress," Alec said quickly, seeing her rising levels and he smiled, his hand patting her arm for a moment. "But I am noticing a growth in size since your last scan. And...I believe that Kesas is applying pressure to parts of your organs that are giving you the symptoms. Not serious at all, although painful for you."

She shifted a little seaming to at least calm down a bit. "Growth? Well, That might make some sense anyways." She knew a good deal about the life cycle of symbiont's and knew that they kept slowly getting larger for quite some time. growth spurts where rare, but not totally unheard of. She looked down again. "So then what? We need to re-arrange my organs? That sounds worse then it should, I mean we need to shift them around a bit?"

"No, no organ rearrangement. We just need your symbiont to...move a little bit..." Alec said and smiled gently, nodding. "I am going to do a scan so we can see exactly what is going on." He got the arch down and nodded. "Will just take a moment."

She was pretty apprehensive about the ideal, but she was sure the doctor knew what they where doing. Still anything having to do with the Symbiont made her nervous, The whole experience begin knew to both of the trill in question.

Alec smiled reassuringly, touching her arm for a moment before he reached for a hand held device. He adjusted it and showed it to her. "This has shown great promise for a lot of Trills. What it does is to emit a signal to your makes it move. We are not talking much movement, but enough to relieve your symptoms and make you both comfortable. It is entirely safe. Would you let me try?"

She gave a nod "Sure" She didn't sound super sure about it, but she was also sure that the doctor would not be using anything dangerous on ether of her. She might have argue more but she was in a pretty substantial amount of pain laying down only seaming to make it worse.

He nodded before he touched her stomach, moving the device over her midsection. He was looking up at the scan of her as he moved, smiling suddenly. "Okay, here we go..." he said softly...watching closely. It moved. A fraction. Enough to get away from pressing up against her bowels and to a bit where no organs were getting squashed. Her body would adapt to the growth, but the sudden spurt hadn't given it a chance to. He hoped she'd feel better.

She gave a heavy exhale and shifted a little "Oh well that does hurts much less... I kind of need to use the bathroom now though, but still that's better then stabbing pain."

"Okay...take a moment, then you can sit up slowly. I recommend you use the restroom here," Alec said and gave her a small nod, almost in agreement to his own thoughts. "I want to have you here for observation for a bit, see if your symptoms improve or we have to move your symbiont more."

She took a second to breath and then slowly sat up giving a pleased sounding sigh. "sounds like a plan doctor." She would get up seaming alright for the most part and starting to make way to the bathroom. not taking to long before coming back out and finding her place on the bio-bed again. "If it's all the same doctor I think I might actually try to nap."


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