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Pulling out

Posted on Sun Apr 19th, 2020 @ 1:05pm by Lieutenant Commander Tyhr Th'rhaatress & Captain Gra'sh Jilrak & Lieutenant Lynz & Lieutenant Fenora & Lieutenant Tosrol Ze

Mission: A New, Old Journey
Location: Sol System
Timeline: MD 02

Srelli walked out onto the bridge of the Axca and just looked out at it. A small feeling of apprehension mixed with pride swelled within him as he made his way to his chair. He nodded to his XO, an officer who had more experience in command as he took a seat.

"How are we doing?" He asked him

"All seems to be in order sir", Jilrak answered. "All aboard and accounted for."

"Good, good. " Srelli said. "Ok. In no particular order. Station status please."

Lieutenant Lynz turned away from the Flight Control console before her and looked at the Captain, "Navigation is ready, Captain."

From her station, Lieutenant Fenora turned to the captain, "Science is ready, sir."

Tosrol was sat at his operations station, looking out towards the bridge "operations ready sir" he said fiddling with his console to make sure the communications side was all in hand "Let me know sir when you want me to send a hail to starfleet to let them know we are on our way" His smile was one of warmth.

"Go right ahead, Lieutenant." The caitian nodded

Lynz adjusted the settings on the Flight Control console, setting a navigation point for when the Captain was ready to engage the engines. Typing quickly she prepared the engines of the Nova Class ship for what was to come of them. They weren't the fastest ship in the galaxy, but they'd get where they were going. She waited for the others to report their readiness to go.

"Lieutenant Lynz, engage thrusters when ready. When clear of spacedock, set course for the Sigma Iotia system Warp 6. "

The El-Aurian's fingers started to maneuver around the console, bringing the Axca through the Spacedock doors gingerly but effectively. She brought the engines to readiness, "Course has been laid in, Captain. Ready to engage on your command." She typed on the workstation, bringing detailed information up on her panel about the system as they prepared to engage.

Tosrol plugged in his head set "Earth Spacedock this is the USS Axca ready to depart" he said as he looked to the captain.

Lynz turned toward the Captain and First Officer as they sat in their chairs, waiting for the order to engage.

Jilrak waited patiently. He might have given the order to engage had they worked together longer, but given that this was the Captain's first mission, he would let the young man give the order.

Science was ready, but as there was little for Fenora to do during launch, she watched the viewscreen as the ship slowly made its way out.

Lynz checked the speed readouts as she brought the engines to ready. With the clearance to fully depart she was eager to get on the road.

Srelli felt the need to get up. "I'd say something profound right now but my minds a blank." He began. "So here goes. We're a new ship, with an untested Captain. But that doesn't make us less capable than the crew of the Enterprise. So let's show the fleet what we're made of. Lieutenant Lynz. Punch it."

The El-Aurian nodded, "Engaging engines." She held down the activation control and brought the ship to warp. Typing on her large console, she studied the readouts, "We are secure at Warp Speed. Now at Warp 6."

"Well done Lieutenant", Jilrak said. "Very smooth."

"Sir, the Starship Georgiou is coming alongside," the El-Aurian informed. "Captain Jilrak is requested to report aboard."

Fenora glanced at the First Officer.

Lynz watched as the First Officer exchanged words with the Captain and stepped away. She sighed, looking carefully around the bridge of the Axca. With all that was going on in the galaxy she just hoped that things got better soon.

"Wonder what they want now?" He asked. He saw shrugs

"Well, I guess we'll find out when we get back. Lieutenant, set a course back to spacedock. Warp..3. give us time to at least get acquainted with the ship."

Lieutenant Lynz nodded, gently adjusting the navigational settings and returning them to Spacedock.


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