A meeting

Posted on Sun Sep 12th, 2021 @ 4:56pm by Lieutenant Commander Tyhr Th'rhaatress & Lieutenant Tosrol Ze

Mission: A New, Old Journey
Location: ESD-USS Axca
Timeline: MD01 1700hrs


Tyhr was seated in a rather neglected area of ESD behind a small desk. So small it put Archers to shame. The andorian sighed. "Uh. At least I have a window." he had a padd in hand. Trying to read it in the cramped confines was proving difficult however. After a while Tyhr let out a loud Andorian curse, not really caring who heard. "True I have an appointment. But Screw it. They can find me." he finally said. He left his "ready cubby" as he called it and started to make his way to club 47.

Tos had been beamed aboard the brand-new California class. His previous assignment was the old Axca she was a nova class, As the chief operations officer, now he had been promoted from Lt JG to full liutennt. Good things did happen to him even if there were few and far between, Tos had gotten word that his new CO would be at club 47, he had been with the Axca since the very beginning and now he was meeting with his new CO an Andorian, tosrol himself was of betazed so having that alien in a new setting would hopefully draw the two men together, walking into club 47 tosrol was wearing tradional earth clothes black jeans boots and black t-shirt walking up to the bar he waited for the andorian to show him self "Why hello barkeep one romulan ale if you please" he said as the bartender rushed off to the bottle behind the bar "one 18 year aged romulan ale sir the good stuff from before romulan civil unrest" the bartender said "thank you 18 year aged that's gunna kick some "he thought as he took a swig wincing a little "Like fresh paint stripper" He said gulping it down.

Thyr entered just behind him. "Give me one too, and fill this guys glass." Tyhr said. "Hope you don't mind company. Had to get out of that karskat cabinet the brass had me in at ESD." He stook his had out. "I'm Tyhr, by the way."

Tosrol laughed "I more than appreciate the company captain i hear your to be my new commanding officer Lieutenant Tosrol ze USS Axca communications and Operations officer at your service" he said slightly tipping his head in respect, as the bar tender filled up his glass "I'll warn you this stuff is 18 year aged and it packs a nasty punch" he said wincing as he took another sipp, wincing as he did so but his face returning to normal as he did so.

"Captain? Oh right. I just got the durn thing a couple of days ago. Heard the previous incarnations CO got himself a Galaxy. Lucky cat." Thyr sighed. He downed his drink. He winced as well. "Definitely has a kick." He smiled. "Takes the edge of helming the USS Cabinet for two days. Admirals." he scoffed

Tosrol laughed "Dont worry captain with me on your bridge itll be plain sailing" He said with a ligh clasp on the other back "Ive served on the Axca since she launched all those years ago seems like a decade ago now i was leaving the Zeus to head for the Nova class now she's a pretty new California class i haven't had enough time to really visit the ship yet" he said taking another swig "Brass did say there was a surprise for me when i got here and yet I don't see it?" He said with a very slight laugh and sip of his drink wincing again "How these romulans have the stomach for this stuff aged is beyond me" he said shaking his head a little.

"Guess thats why Vulcans keep away from it. All that logic." Tyhr laughed. "I'll stock up on the good stuff from Andoria when we launch." He got up and stretched his back, which let out a loud pop. "That feels better." he said, sort of laughing. "Lets take a tour?" he offered. "May find the surprise on the way"

Tosrol laughed as he stood up downed his drink "Lead on captain" he said as he looked around this would be his new home, he would spend down time here and more importantly he would probably be doing his paper work here or be here after hours just to get a break from the rat race "Ohhh well im sure the surprise will live up to the brasses expectations" he said with a smile.

The pair entered the nearest turbolift. "Bridge." Thyr ordered. The car began to move and within a few minutes the doors swished open. Thr made for his chair and he began to look as his padd again. He smiled and nodded as he got comfortable

Tos walked out of the turbo lift and what greeted him was far bigger than the original axcas bridge, it was brightly lit and the chairs looked plush and brand new "Captain she's a dream" he said running his hand across the operations panel and then over the chair that accompanied it, warm to the touch and curved to fit the back perfectly " i cant wait to get my hands on the computer systems of this ship" he said tapping his finger on the panel, responsive and great at the touch "When do we depart captain?" He asked as he looked around.

"In a few days." Thyr said. "Oh I even think I've found your surprise." Thyr handed over his padd. "And she's definitely a beauty." He looked into the ready room. "Ready room nice and spacious too."

Tosrol looked over at the captain "A few days just enough time for me to tinker with his computer systems and get her ready for departure and get all of the before action reports from the chiefs of staff" he said as herd the word surprise "Ohh what is it captain?" he said slightly laughing awaiting the mans response.

"Says here your entitled to one of these nice, comfy chairs." he said simply

Tosrols mouth came agape "Hang on are you saying what i think your saying?" he came from behind the ops panel "No... It cant be? this has gotta be a joke right" he was panicking of course he was promotion to XO was something he was thinking about but in the near future not now of course but brass must of expedited that in response to his service with the previous Axca "can i sit in it captain?" he said lacing his fingers over the back of the broad leather backed chair Lieutenant Tosrol Ze Executive officer USS Axca definitely had ring to it.

"By all means" Thyr smiled

Tosrol came round the front of the chair, his hand running the length of the chair as his fingers tapped on the padd attached to the XO's chair, it was like a dream a very vivid happy dream "You mean to tell me I'm getting promoted to Executive officer of a brand new California class ship" the young betazoid beamed it was the happiest moment of his life thus far, he now knew why starfleet sent him for the extra command training when he was back at ESD a year back and now his dream was becoming a reality "Thank you captain for giving me this opportunity i wont let you down" first he was promoted to liutennant now this it was a bit of a blur but he was happy and ready for the challenge.

The CO looked at his padd. "If I'm reading this right, yes' the andorian smiled

Tosrol slinked his arm into the rest it fit like a glove on a hand almost like it was tailored to fit him "Will i still have my department head duties alongside this if so that's fine by me i run a tight ship" He said with a wink as he looked to the view screen "Helm engage at warp 5 and make it snappy" he said with a slight wink "Always wanted to say that" He said with a slight chuckle, he hadn't been given his full LT pips either so weather or not they were on order he didn't know but he was happy regardless.

"Stay Chief ops was well? I don't see why not. That way you wont need a new uniform." Tyhr said. "You do need a new pip though." Tyhr walked over to the nearest replicator and replicated one. He then pinned it on Tosrols collar. "There ya go."

As the new pips were fastened onto his collar the young betazoid smiled "To Boldly go where no one has gone before" he said with a slight smile and tip of his head "Thank you captain i think its time we went had another drink in celebration don't you agree?" he said with a slight wink.

"Indeed. Andorian ale though. Not that Romulan crap." Tyhr winked back