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Captain Gra'sh Jilrak

Name Gra'sh Jilrak

Position Executive Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Caitian
Age 140 chronologically, 48 biologically

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Weight 175
Hair Color Tiger striped
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Being a minority offshoot of the Caitian race, Jilrak looks more like a tiger than a lion like most Caitians. Although not as muscular and broad as a human of his size, he is a bit larger than most Caitians. His eyes usually look playful and his tail is often swishing.


Spouse none
Children none
Father Tarvan Jilrak (deceased)
Mother Jelia Jilrak (deceased)
Brother(s) Kir'tan
Sister(s) Amalie
Other Family Some great, great nieces and nephews

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jilrak is of the Tigeran offshoot of the Caitians. They are a bit more aggressive than regular Caitians and are omnivores opposed to vegetarian. Although they are just as intelligent and compassionate as their cousins, making them fine science and medical officers, their more physical nature also leads many to the tactical and security field.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Hand to hand
+ Phasers
+ Astute tactician
+ Commanding presence

- Can be 'grouchy'
- A bit more of an action first individual
- Doesn't like Klingons
Ambitions To relax and retire on a beach somewhere but keeps getting pulled back to Starfleet
Hobbies & Interests 3-d chess
parisses squares
martial arts

Languages: Galactic standard, Caitian, Vulcan, Andorian, Cardassian

Personal History Jilrak had a pretty average life growing up. His mother had been a science officer in Starfleet serving on a colony world, so Jilrak decided to join Starfleet as well. Unlike his mother, he chose the security field as his field of study.

Jilrak excelled and graduated fifth in his class. On his cadet cruise he was assigned to the USS Bozeman. Only three weeks out of space dock, the Bozeman was caught in a temporal anomaly. (TNG Episode: Cause and Effect). After the crew of the Bozeman had been studied and examined, those who wanted to stay in Starfleet were sent back to the Academy for a refresher course given all that had changed.

At the Academy, Jilrak was teamed up with a Command School student, Emma Beckett. She was a demanding, uptight, and ‘proper’ teacher and given Jilrak’s playful demeanor, he almost asked for a different teacher. After one incident though when Emma was getting excessively hit on by a drunken Andorian ambassador at a function; Jilrak helped encourage the ambassador that his attention should be directed elsewhere. After that the two of them became good friends, balancing each other out. After Jilrak’s re-training was complete, the two of them kept in touch.

With his rank of Ensign, fully re-instated, Jilrak’s first assignment in the 24th century was aboard the USS Felicity, a science vessel assigned to studying some worlds in the Federation core that hadn’t been fully explored. Unlike many of the younger officers, Jilrak didn’t mind this quiet cruise as it allowed him to continue to get acclimated to his “new” universe.

Given his positive attitude, Jilrak received a promotion to Lieutenant (jg) and was assigned to the USS Sampson, an Akira class vessel as a third shift supervisor. When the Dominion war broke out, the Sampson saw a lot of action. Half way through the Dominion war, the assistant chief of security was killed during a battle and Jilrak received the post.

The Sampson was at the re-taking of Deep Space 9. She sustained a lot of damage and when she had to be abandoned due to heavy damage, Jilrak saved a number of the crews’ lives while helping evacuated. He took his own injuries and had to be sent to a Starfleet medical facility for three months. He is missing some fur on his right ear as the scar couldn’t be fully healed by a dermal regenerator.

After his time in Starfleet medical, Jilrak was given a promotion to Lieutenant and was sent to Basic Command School. As in Academy, Jilrak did well, graduating third in his class. He was assigned to the USS Triton as the Chief of Security. Here he met up with one of his fellow crewmate from the Bozeman who had become the XO. During the course of the assignment, Jilrak found out that the XO was planning a mutiny and was going to join a pirate group. The XO tried to get Jilrak refused and the two fought and Jilrak ended up killing the XO.

Jilrak had a court martial hearing and after all evidence was presented, Jilrak was cleared of any wrong doing. The events with the old Bozeman crewmate left Jilrak rather drained and he took a leave of absence. He went back to Cait and found out that he was a great, great, uncle. He reconnected with his family line for two months. While on Cait, he was contacted by Emma Beckett. She had been given command of the station Deep Space 12 and wanted him as his XO. After thinking about it, he joined her on the station and received a promotion to Commander.

Life on the station was busy, but compared to other postings, it was relatively peaceful. There were a few exceptions, but nothing too major. Jilrak and Beckett had a falling out there though. Beckett had gotten involved with a trader. Jilrak didn’t approve of him given the company the man kept. Eventually the tension got to be too much between him and Beckett and Jilrak got a command of his own, the USS Remington.

Jilrak’s command of the Remington was relatively short lived. A collision with a ship that came into the sol system travelling at warp speed sent the Remington into another dimension. Here the Federation was in dire straits as the Romulans had attacked after the Dominion war with the Federation being weak. The Klingons soon joined in against the Federation.

Jilrak’s ship was the first new starship the members of the alternation Federation had seen in ten years. They tried to get Jilrak to join the fight. After Jilrak refused, the alternate Federation tried to hijack the Remington. Jilrak’s chief science officer during this time had figured out how to get the Remington back. It would take a maneuver similar to Spock’s slingshot maneuver around the sun. On the run with the ship getting shot by the members of the Alternate Federation, Jilrak’s crew managed to perform the maneuver and return to their universe. The Remington had to be scuttled though.

After his time commanding the Remington, Jilrak accepted a posting as cultural attaché on Cait. Jilrak figured it would be a nice way to round out his career. The universe had different plans for him as one day he received a visitor, a recently promoted, Commodore Emma Beckett. After apologizing for treating him poorly, she asked him to take on the role of Executive Officer for a small ship to guide a new Captain that some thought was thrust into the center chair too soon, but still wanted to see him succeed. She however wanted someone on board that she felt she could trust to be that mentor without the ambition of advancement. She wanted Jilrak took on the role.

Service Record Career History
2275-2278 – Starfleet Academy
2278-2278 USS Bozeman, Cadet Cruise
2368-2369 Starfleet Academy Refresher Course
2369-2373 USS Felicity, Security Officer
2373-2375 USS Sampson, Assistant Chief Security Officer
2375-2376 Starfleet Academy Basic Command School
2377-2380 USS Triton, Chief Security Officer
2380-2386 Deep Space Twelve, Executive Officer
2386-2386 USS Remington, Commanding Officer
2386-2395 Cultural Attaché, Cait
2395- USS Axca, Executive Officer