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Lieutenant Fenora

Name Fenora

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species 1/2 Vulcan - 1/2 Human
Age 52 (looks 32)

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 7"
Weight 147 lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Hazel-Green
Physical Description Fenora’s dress is usually conservative and neat in appearance. Off-duty she prefers to dress in traditional Vulcan tunics and slacks. Her hair is long and worn loose whenever possible. She has the light green skin and pointed ears of her Vulcan heritage, as well as the mental ability of her father. As Vulcans have a longer lifespan than humans, she appears to be 25.


Spouse Marcus Wesson (deceased)
Father Stral
Mother Samantha MacAulay
Brother(s) T'Mas
Sister(s) Feronn

Personality & Traits

General Overview Fenora is at peace with both sides of her nature. She believes in logic and in being cheerful. However, she is shy and is often more comfortable working on a computer or in a lab (or on a dig) than in a social setting.

She enjoys quiet evenings. While on Earth she developed a love of ice cream. She also likes to laugh and enjoys puns.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: 
Skilled computer programmer and code breaker. Can find her way into and around most computer systems.
Fascinated with history. Studies civilizations, their history and their cultures. 
Enjoys intellectual pursuits and learning new things. 
Often looks at things from different angles and is able to come up with unorthodox solutions.
Curious. Continually learning.

Not comfortable in large social gatherings. 
Can get involved in her work to the exclusion of all else.
Normally keeps her emotions under control, even though she does have them.
Ice cream. Specifically vanilla with hot fudge and whipped cream. Or just vanilla.
Has empathy for the underdog.

Ambitions She values scientific achievement and discovery. Exploring cultures and their history is her greatest ambition.

To Fen, the phrase "to seek out new life and new civilizations" means uncovering the past and finding new archaeological sites or a lost part of a planet's history.

She was married to the love of her life for ten years. She isn’t opposed to falling in love gain, but it would take a special man to to win her heart.
Hobbies & Interests Computers, ancient history (of all races and species), books (especially ancient books), archaeology and anthropology. Basically, she loves her work and will often spend her spare time learning more.

She enjoys a quiet evening reading, listening to music, painting space scapes, ancient architecture and geological formations, or spending time with a small group of friends.

She enjoys sculling, rock climbing and rappelling. She practices a form of martial arts with an ahn-woon.

Federation Standard, Vulcan, Romulan, Cardassian, Bajoran and some ancient dialects.

Personal History Born and raised on Vulcan, Fenora was taught to embrace diversity and logic. She had a knack for looking at things from a different point of view and for finding answers beyond those given by her instructors. "God speaks in the white space between the words" is a quote she lives by.

Her family encouraged her desire to explore and find answers. This led to her graduating from the Vulcan Science Academy with a focus on history, archaeology, anthropology and planetary geology. Because of her father, she also studied computer science.

Not content with a Vulcan education, she moved to Earth (her mother’s planet of origin) and earned advanced degrees in archaeology, history, anthropology and computers. While on Earth she was able to develop her human traits, especially her emotions, thus gaining a greater balance between her two natures.

Fen taught for a while, but wanted to explore and learn first-hand instead of simply doing research and teaching. So she joined Starfleet.

Her father: Stral, is a Vulcan computer and communications specialist. He taught for many years at the Vulcan Science Academy. He now travels around the galaxy as an advisor to the planets of the Federation.

Her mother: Samantha MacAulay, has PhDs in archaeology, anthropology and planetary geology. She worked for Starfleet Command as a civilian expert on ancient sites around the galaxy. Fenora occasioanlyy traveled with her when she was not in school. Samantha now travels with her husband and consults with planetary govenrments on how best to preserve or uncover their past.

Her brother, T’mas, is a xeno-botanist and planetary geologist. He currently teaches on Alpha Centauri.

Her sister, Feronn, is a wormhole and theoretical physicist. She teaches at the Vulcan Science Academy.

While serving on the USS Britannica, Fenora met and married Commander Marcus Wesson. They were together for ten years. They put off having children because of Marcus’ career. He was the First Officer when they met and married and later was given his own command. They always said when he made Admiral and got a desk job, they’d start a family.

Fenora was at a science conference on Vulcan when her husband’s ship was destroyed protecting a convoy of freighters from a dozen Orion ships. There were no survivors.

Because too many things reminded her of Marcus, she resigned her commission and went back to teaching on Vulcan. She hoped the opportunity to get back into the classroom and working on archeological sites would help her heal. That, and meditation, helped. But she missed exploring.

After seven years, she decided it was time to go back to the stars. Because of her long absence, she was given a reduced rank and a position as Assistant Chief Science Officer with the opportunity to once again advance. She took it and now hopes the additional knowledge and experience she gained will help her be a better officer.

Service Record Graduated with honors from the Vulcan Science Academy. Studied xeno-archaeology/anthropology, planetary geology, history (of the known worlds) and computer science (programming and security).
Graduated magna cum laude from Stanford and Cambridge (PhDs in history and archaeology, MS in anthropology and computers)
Received advanced degrees from the Academy of Scientific Research.
Taught social sciences at Cambridge for 5 years.

Joined Starfleet and graduated top of her class in computers and science with a focus on social sciences. (As she knew the subjects better than most of the professors, she spent much of her time doign research and assisting them.)

Her first assignment was as historian/archaeologist and computer scientist aboard the USS Titicaca.
She transferred to the USS Missouri, where she served as Assistant Chief Science Officer and then Chief Science Officer.
Served as Chief Science Officer aboard the USS Britannia.
Served as Chief Science Officer aboard the USS Cartagena.
Resigned commission. Taught at Federation Academy of Science on Vulcan.
Rejoined Starfleet.
Served as Assistant Chief Science Officer aboard the USS Republic.
Now serves as Chief Science Officer aboard the USS Axca.