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Lieutenant Tosrol Ze

Name Tosrol Ze

Position Executive Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Betazoid
Age 24

Physical Appearance

Height 6 foot
Weight 140 lbs
Hair Color Ash Brown
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Tosrol stands at around six feet tall, with broad shoulders and a full head of hair. A pale complexion and full neat and trimmed beard, he has the classic dark betazoid eyes, His uniform is always neat and tidy, He has quite dashing looks, like most betazoids he’s very good to look at.


Spouse Rebekah O'Donnaghue
Children N/A
Father Tikril Ze
Mother Rweho Ze
Brother(s) Istril &Otes Ze
Sister(s) Heama Ze
Other Family N/A

Personality & Traits

General Overview Tosrol is a kind and gentle young betazoid, as aposed to being telepathic, his family are empathic in nature! He has a tight grip on his own, but when you hurt those he loves he will do any thing and everything to protect them! He has a huge heart and he always tries to help people!

Despite not having a great understanding of humans and there culture, he tries to understand them as much as he can! His girlfriend helps with that as much as she can! Tosrol has always been a guraded young man, but that comes from how he was raised on betazoid more than anything else.

There is a darkness that lives in him though, he isent afraid to do the things that others wouldent, getting his hands dirty in the service of family or friends or even self presevation! He will cut you off if he sees you or your actions ill in nature! He has no time for liars,cheats or people who manipulate others.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
Good Hand to Hand
Good with langauges

un trusting (sometimes even of his own race)
He has a temper (well hidden mind you)
to controlled
Ambitions To Captain his own Intrepid Class Ship
Do his Family Proud
Hobbies & Interests Reading Religious texts (Mainly from Vulcan or Andoria)
Learning New Languages

Personal History Tosrol was born on betazoid, to Tikril and Rweho Ze, a family of not so high standing on betazoid, But they were well known for there diplomacy and kind words. Tosrol was one of four children, him being the eldest. He has Istril,Otes and Heama. Two brothers and one sister. Tosrol was always the child that his father wanted him to be, strong willed, kind and above all fair and just.

Unlike his siblings, Tosrol had a beautiful singing voice, in which his father and, mother thought he would go on and sing, however they were so very wrong. Tosrol wanted to fly the causeways and slipstreams of space dreams of escaping betazoid always present in his mind. He wanted to traverse the stars and there was only one way he could do that, By joining Starfleet Acadamy.

So on his 16th name day, Tosrol flew from betazoid to earth, He had dreams of being a helmsman, however, his life took a far weirder turn when he began to study language as a minor. In fact, he found a fondness for Vulcan and Andorian languages.

Unlike his brothers, he graduated from the academy with a major in languages in communication. His first assignment was the USS Sagittarius a Miranda class vessel. He was stationed aboard the Sagittarius for 2 years, before he was assigned to the USS Zeus an intrepid class ship.

Whilst on the Zeus he met One Rebekah O’Donnaghe a ¼ vulcan, with a load irish accent, he fell in love with her instantly, her loud and brash personality. Just drew her, soon enough though they were assigned to differnt ships Torol to the AXCA and Rebeka to the brand new steamrunner class the USS Loreli, It has put some strain on there relationship, but things are working out as well as they can for now.
Service Record USS Sagittarius
USS Zeus