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Movin out

Posted on Thu May 16th, 2019 @ 8:50am by Lieutenant Commander Tyhr Th'rhaatress & Commander Giles Price & Lieutenant Commander Dessa McCallum & Lieutenant Commander Sotaak & Lieutenant Ulle Kesas & Ensign Aina Kasumi

Mission: Getting underway
Location: USS Axca
Timeline: current

Newly minted Captain S'relli tepped onto the bridge of his ship, a fresh set of orders to work on. He plopped into his Command seat and looked to his XO. "Well, we got our marching orders. finally." he said. The caitian handed Price the padd as he looked out to the bridge, pressing a comm on his chair. "Ok, roll call. Sound off your stations."

Aina stood at tactical. "Tactical is ready, captain. All system are at standard levels." She said.

Sotaak was seated at Science. "Science is ready, sir!"

"Operations up and running Captain Ready when you are."

"Wonderful. Lieutenant Kasumi, get us permission to depart. Helm, retract morrings." He said.

Aina pushed some buttons and then said, "We have permission to depart, sir, Godspeed!"

'Engineering, how are we looking? How about sickbay, Doctor?"

The CO got favorable reports

"Good, good" S'relli said. He turned to his XO. "Commander. Your file says you know your way around a helm. Care to take us out?"

The helmsman turned to the CO. "Sir. I know it's my first time. But may I?" The young man asked. A young, eager looking andorian

"Of course, Ensign. Full thrusters. Then set a course for starbase New Haven once we clear spacedock. Warp 6."

"Aye sir." The helmsman said. The Rhode island class ship lurched forward, as fast as the thrusters would take them. They cleared spacedock in record time S'relli thought.

"Ready for Warp Drive, Captain. Orders?" The young Ensign asked.

"Punch it!" The caitian ordered

The Axcas nacelles flashed and the ship shot towards it's destiny."


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