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Veterinary Science

Posted on Mon Apr 1st, 2019 @ 7:20pm by Lieutenant Commander Sotaak & Captain S'relli

Mission: Getting underway
Location: USS Axca mess
Timeline: Prior to Orders

S'relli was a busy caitian, such was the life of a Commander in Starfleet. Meetings, among other things. That barely left any time to rest.

So when S'relli found out that his schedule was semi free, he was slightly overjoyed. And he wasn't going to argue. And he had one thing on his mind. Food!

He made a beeline for the mess hall, stomach rumbling all the way.

Sotaak had walked in to the mess hall to get some lunch. Sotaak wasn't picky with his food and decided on some tuna sandwiches and a mushroom cream soup. He put his trey on the table and was about to sit down, when a tall caitian hurried in to the mess hall. His uniform and rank pops indicated that he was the captain. AS the captain passed the table he sat down. He just turned around a moment with a raised eyebrow before he turned to his food to eat.

S'relli settled on chicken salad. Quick and easy. He then set upon finding himself a chair. No easy task in a ship that small. He eventually saw a table adjacent to where a Vulcan Commander was sitting. He nodded as he went by.

Sotaak just put a spoonful of soup. He swallowed as the captain went by and nodded to him. He put his spoon back in his soup and nodded back, while saying, "Captain." He then continued eating as he put a sandwich in his mouth and took a bite.

"Commander. May I join you? I don't believe we have met"

Sotaak tilted his head a bit. "Captain," He pointed to the seat across from him. "Of course you may join me. And no we have not met. That is until now." He got up a moment as the captain sat down. He then sat down himself again and took the cup of water next to his bowl and took a sip from it.

"Thank you" the Caitian smiled as he took the offered seat. "Commander S'relli" he said.

"Lieutenant Commander Sotaak, sir," Sotaak introduced himself before he took another sip. "You are the first I am talking to from command, sir, since I have arrived. But I understand you have been busy."

"That may be an understatement, Commander. So many briefings, so little time. Wanted to tear my fur out but id be cold" He laughed, not expecting the Vulcan to get the joke.

Sotaal just nodded. "I understand." He just said, he didn't fully grasp humor, but knew enough to understand it. "I am to be your chief science officer, sir. " he added but realized the captain might not be interested in talking work now. He took a deep breath and said, "I am married, I have children. Do you have a family, sir?" He tried striking up a conversation.

"I do, actually. None of my own as yet. But a lot of siblings." he smiled, and slightly coughed.

"Yet? Does that mean you're looking for a mate?" Sotaal inquired. "You don't have to answer if that is too personal for you, Sir." He added quickly.

"To borrow from your people. It would be "illogical" to discount the possibility." S'relli said.

"It would most definitely be illogical. Caitians usually aim to have large families." Sotaak looked on to his plate before moving it aside.

"That we do. I wouldn't rule out kittens someday." S'relli said. "How about you? Any little Vulcans running around."

"Yes, captain, I have two. A son and a daughter. Tapuk and T'Sani," Sotaak replied. "I wish you luck, sir, with getting your family."

"Thanks a lot.' the caitian replied Just then his communicator came to life. Rather than answer it he just rolled his eyes. "Sorry to cut this short. But you know duty." He said.

"Yes, sir," Sotaak replied and watched the captain leave, before he got up to clean up both their plates.



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