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To Meet A CO

Posted on Thu Mar 7th, 2019 @ 9:11pm by Captain S'relli & Lieutenant Commander Alec Wakefield

Mission: Getting underway
Location: USS Axca
Timeline: current

Lt. Commander Alec Wakefield frowned as he made his way down the corridor. A new assignment, a new ship. With his promotion he had gotten from the USS Narvik to the USS Axca. A bit of it felt surreal to him, as if he was going to wake up and see it was a dream. Another part faced it with grimness. Not because he didn't want it, because anyone who said they didn't want to be Chief was a bloody liar as far as he could see, but because there was a lot of responsibility in the role. The physical wellbeing of a entire ship, where the buck stopped with him. He smiled weakly to himself, stopping outside the Captain's Ready Room before he rang the chime. He knew he was expected. So it wasn't like he was dropping by unannounced. Not that he hadn't done that before in his career. He ran a hand through his hair, unable to tame the dark curls but realising it didn't matter too much. His uniform was spotless anyway and he was clean shaven. That would have to do as far as first impressions went.

The Caitian Commander looked up. He smiled, as he loved visitors. "Come in in. Is open!" He called out.

Alec smiled weakly and walked in, looking at the Caitian as he held the PADD with his transfer orders. "Commander S'rell," he said, moving to stop in front of him. "Lieutenant Commander Alec Wakefield...reporting for duty," he finished it with a warm smile and offered the PADD across. "I am sure you already got this through. Call it bad habit from when people forgot to send these through to the CO."

"No problem." The caitian grinned as he gladly took the padd. He began to read, nodded as he did. "Welcome aboard Axca" he finally said. "Oh! Have a seat, Commander." He said. "Can I get you anything?"

"No...thank you, Sir," Alec said with a warm smile, shaking his head. "Completely hydrated. It's a beautiful ship. Beautiful sickbay too, to be honest."

"Glad you like it" S'relli replied.

Alec nodded as he watched him, smiling as he sat down and searched the Caitian's face. "Of course...I am always interested in hearing what you expect from your Chief Medical Officer. Except keeping the crew alive."

"No poking me for one thing." S'relli laughed a little. "Sorry, a little joke. The CMO on my last ship poked me right there in front of the XO. Was super embarassing." he laughed. "She turned red as a beet."

"Depends on where I poke, Sir," Alec said, his face serious before he suddenly grinned, his eyes shining with humour. "I can also use medical appointments as punishment for misbehaving crewmen. Everyone hates sickbay."

S'reli laughed. "I know that feeling well." he laughed. "Officially approved." he grinned

"Sounds good to me," Alec said lightly before he chuckled and looked down, considering something. "I do wish to do a good job here, Sir. I want to make sure that the crew are well, physically. And I can be a bit of a grumpy so and so, but I hope my bedside manners Everyone loves to show a doctor wrong."

"I get that. A little like prisoners trying a guards patience." S'relli replied. He nodded thoughtfully. "Oh right, what I expect. Where were a small ship, but we're most likely going to be seeing some weird stuff. So Id like you to be ready for prettty much anything microbe wise. Maybe get with engineering abut biofilters and how they can be tweaked. "An ounce of prevention" right?" he said.

"Yes Sir," Alec's eyes were serious as he watched S'relli, taking the order. "I can work with them, see what magic they can do. But if there's something small and aggressive enough, we might not be able to stop it with scrubbers. Hell, if a transporter can let some stuff through, what chance do we stand?" he added the last playfully. "I'll also make sure everyone has been vaccinated against all the strange and unusual things shoreleave gives. Last thing we need is a Klingon Cold to run riot. The nosebleeds that come with those sneezes are notorious..."

"Yesh. Lets avoid that." S'relli laughed.


Commander S'relli
Commandng Officer
USS Axca

Lieutenant Commander Alec Wakefield
Chief Medical Officer
USS Axca


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