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Posted on Mon Mar 11th, 2019 @ 9:10pm by Lieutenant Commander Sotaak & Captain S'relli

Mission: Getting underway
Location: Ready room
Timeline: post Veterinary Science

Commander S'relli sat in his ready room, feeling sort of weak but not too bad. Mostly he was bored. Paperwork did that to him. Lickily his boredom was broken by his desk console beeping. "How could that be?" he said aloud. "A Commodore?" he said. "Accept transmission S'relli 23 Alpha Delta." he said as he took a seat behind his desk.

And older blond lady appeared. "Hello, captain. I am commodore Meran. I hope all is well with you and your crew. I know you just received this command, but I have orders for you." She came to point immediately.

"Of course, Commodore. I'm listening."

Chelsea straightened her back a little as she continued. "Captain, I would like you to go to the Gamma quadrant. In Sector 023 was a base that Starfleet had build before the height of the Dominion war. Starbase Pegasus. Last contact was 5 months ago. But considering the recent hostile activity in the Gamma quadrant." She tapped in a few keys off screen sending the Caitian captain a file. "They are known as the Crescent of Sephira. They are more of a religious fanatical species. Humanoid, but they have telepathic and telekinetic abilities. Our top scientists in the region are on it. I am ordering you to go to sector 023 in the Gamma quadrant and reestablish contact with the base and set up a force there. You can contact the task force command in sector 022, starbase New Hope. The Task Force Commander there is Admiral Llewellyn. Also you will be catching up with Captain th'Zarath, he will be taking command of the Pegasus station."

She then moved a bit closer to the screen. "And Commander you are out of uniform." She put a grin on her face. "The best part of my rank. It is my privilege, S'relli, to promote you to the rank of Captain. Congratulations, captain!"

"Thank you!" S'elli said, a little too enthusiastically. "Im sorry, the kitten gomes out of me when I get excited." the caitian explained. "So I'll set course meet up with Captain th"Zaarath then?" he said, mostly to take mental notes. "And then to Pegasus station. If i heard you right, Commodore?" he said

"Excitement is not a bad thing, Captain," Chelsea replied with a smile. "Enjoy it!." She then continued on, "Yes meet up with Captain th'Zaarath and then to Pegasus station. Be sure to make a stop at New Haven. You crew will like the short stop there, I can assure you."

"Understood. We'll get underway right away. S'relli out"

Captain S'relli
USS Axca


Commodore Chelsea Meran
TF Mystic Knights CoS/CO USS Valkyrie


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