To infinty and Beyond

Posted on Sun Sep 12th, 2021 @ 5:13pm by Lieutenant Tosrol Ze


The night of celebration had gone just to plan, tosrol was sufficiently off his head on Romulan ale, stumbling back to his quarters. The night flashing through his head as he rounded the corner to the executive officer's ready room and quarters. The small yet agile California class starship had certainly been kind to the young betazoid on his first night aboard. The blast door retracted as he stumbled into his plush new quaters, the night had almost ended with Tos making it home with a rather fetching red-headed engineer. The lights came on "To bright to bright" he slurred "computer dim lights. He said as he pulled off his trousers and tunic his feet caught from underneath him and he landed on his bed face first "Great first day on the job im inebreated and may have concussion double yay theres no medical officer on board yet" He said muffled against his pillow.

Pulling himself up the bed, the room still spinning from the his head hitting the pillow at quite some force, "computer play soothing music". What sprang from his speakers was far from calm it has hard,fast and heavy like the red head he had almost manged to whisk back to his quarters his head would be swimming with visions of her blue eyes for days to come, and alpha shift in the morning would not be fun and he would be dragging him self from the depths of torturous hell.

He rolled over sighing, just as a little black cat came bumbling onto his bed, Hemmingway was the cat's name. He had been a gift from one of tosrols dearest friends Lillina Vest they met at the academy and where both operations majors. The small cat bumped tosrols arm in an attempt to sleep under his arm where he always slept "Hey Hem i found my way back" He said scratching the little voids head as tosrols head fell to the side of his pillow Hemmingway cwtched in tight as his dad cradeld him in his arms.

The computer powered down the music and tosrol and the little void black cat lay there as the light dimmed to nothing and all that could be heard was the stiffled snores of a very drunk,very tired Executive officer and his furball companion as they both slept the night away .