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Meeting the New Boss

Posted on Thu Oct 10th, 2019 @ 6:50pm by Lieutenant Lynz & Lieutenant Commander Tyhr Th'rhaatress

Mission: A New, Old Journey
Location: USS Axca

Lieutenant Lynz walked down the corridor toward the Captain's Ready Room to officially report in. She had only been aboard for a short while, having been dropped off by a shuttle, but already she was excited for the future. This was a remarkable ship with an amazing crew. She hoped to learn a lit from the crew.

Stopping outside the Ready Room she reached over and tapped the chime waiting for permission to enter from the Captain. She wondered what he was like. She had heard that he was Caitian and that was certainly going to be an interesting change of pace. It was exciting to be starting a new adventure. She just hoped that this was the right one.

"Enter." S'relli said, rather cheerily. "Doors open." Despite being a former security officer the caitian was a trusting soul at heart. He replicated a pot of coffee and two mugs.

Lynz stepped through the door and into the small Captain's Ready Room of the Axca. Looking around she saw the Captain and the two mugs of coffee sitting there, "Lieutenant Lynz reporting for duty, Captain."

"Welcome, lieutenant. Thanks for coming." The caitian smiled. "Coffee?"

"Thank you, Captain," she said accepting the offered cup. She didn't care for coffee, but she would never reject the hospitality of the Captain. "May I sit?" She invited herself wondering if it was an overstep as she pulled the chair out.

"Oh sure. Whatevers comfortable." the Caitian said.

The Deltan/El-Aurian hybrid sat in her chair across from the Captain. She rested her hands in her lap, "I am looking forward to this assignment and getting to learn from you, Captain. I believe that you and I will get along very well and I hope to use what I learn here to better serve Starfleet and the Federation itself."

"Very well said " S'Relli said, visibly impressed. "And I'm sure there will be a lot of educational opportunities for both of us."

"Agreed," the Strategist answered as she took a drink of the accepted cup and hid her real thoughts of the drink. "What can you tell me of our current mission? I was not given many details on my way here."

"Exploration and a little investigation. Starfleet tells me that there have been signals sent for some time from the Iotian home planet. Crude by our standards but using subspace. The Axca is to investigate." S'relli said.

The Lieutenant set aside her cup, "How interesting. I am familiar with the Iotians from my courses on 23rd Century history. The Enterprise's Doctor had left his communicator behind. With their history of taking complex ideas and making them simplified that could be disastrous if they finally uncovered the ability to replicate it. Do we have any idea what we're getting in to?"

"Truthfully, no. I don't think Starfleet has any either. But we should be able to handle it with our little ship, they say." S'relli replied. "Should be interesting at least."

"Should be fun," she answered the Caitian Captain. "So, we have much to discuss and prepare for in my role as your Strategic Operations Officer. I want to let you know, Captain, that I am here to help you in any way that I can. While many people see their early assignments as stepping stones, I for one am here of my desire to learn from you and to help this ship serve at its maximum capacity. I would like to meet the rest of our leadership staff as soon as possible as well as your Security Chief. I have a feeling we will be spending a great deal of time together."

"Great to hear." S'relli said

"Would you care to introduce me, Captain?" She asked shifting in her seat.

"I sure will. And a tour along the way." He grinned.

The Lieutenant nodded, "Excellent. I have heard many good things and I look forward to what the future will bring aboard this ship."


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