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The Main Bridge of the USS Axca and where most of the work is done

Additional Information

Location Deck 1
Description The Bridge of the Axca is where everything is controlled from tactical to navigation. We start at the front of the bridge where you see the view screen behind you and facing in front of you is Helm where the navigation of the ship takes place. To the left is Tactical this station which allows the tactical officer to control the ship's phasers, torpedoes, shields and to your right is the Operations station where it included internal systems control, communications and sensor system usage.

As you walk towards the rear you pass two centrally located seats where the captain and executive officer sit and are where orders and commands are given. Walk past these to the back passing the door to Deck 1 with another located on the other side you encounter wall mounted consoles housing Engineering I, II and Mission Ops I. Walk around to the other side passing the Master System Display on the wall you turn around to face an auxiliary console directly behind where the CO and XO sit. Continue round you pass more wall mounted consoles housing Mission Ops II, Science I and II and finally you pass the ops console before returning back to the view screen