Posted on Sun Sep 12th, 2021 @ 12:38pm by Lieutenant Commander Tyhr Th'rhaatress

Reboots! They're everywhere. And sometimes they are needed. Like here. So here's the announcement. The original premise of the Axca was to retrace peoples steps so to speak in the trek world, and since we have Lower decks now its sort of revitalized that dream. I had the idea to go with that. If the animation can do it, so can we.

So my idea is to renew the Axca as a California class and play off of lower decks. Second contact missions and the like, but with some fun along the way.

Its as the great Christopher Pike said

"Wherever our mission takes us, we'll try to have a little fun along the way too, alright? Make a little noise. Ruffle a few feathers."



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